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Antarctica: Contributions to Global Earth Sciences - download pdf or read online

By Dieter K. Fütterer, Detlef Damaske, Georg Kleinschmidt, Hubert Miller, Franz Tessensohn

ISBN-10: 3540306730

ISBN-13: 9783540306733

ISBN-10: 354032934X

ISBN-13: 9783540329343

Sixty articles prepared in 8 thematic sections consult with most modern geological and geophysical result of Antarctic learn. The Precambrian of the East Antarctic safeguard and its geological heritage is taken into account in addition to sub-ice topography, geophysics and stratigraphy, sedimentology and geophysics of the encompassing Southern Ocean. specific emphasis is given to the relationship of the Antarctic and the encircling continents whilst forming a part of Gondwana.

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Unfortunately, a second attempt to go further south was not allowed by the Ministry of the Interior, because the budget was exhausted. Additional 309 000 M were still outstanding, which Drygalski did not know. Thus the expedition had to sail home ultimately arriving at Kiel on 25 November 1903. At the time of imperialism, when powerful countries competed for the last regions of the earth not yet distributed, the German South Polar Expedition had failed to gain high latitudes (Lüdecke 1992, 1995b).

Harley (1998a,b) estimated the peak temperature of >1 000 °C based on the data of Motoyoshi and Ishikawa (1997). Fraser et al. (2000) obtained the Pan African ages of 517 ±9 Ma and also estimated peak temper- Fig. 2-1. Location map and geographical map of Rundvågshetta. a Location of Rundvågshetta in Lützow-Holm Bay. b Locality of the sample. The geological map is simplified and modified after Motoyoshi and Ishikawa (1997). The sampling point of SP 92011102A is marked by a filled circle and labeled by “I”.

1-5b). The magnetization decreased to about 10% after heating in the first-run cycle. As the reversible Js-T Fig. 1-5. First-run thermomagnetic curves (Js-T curves) of meta-BIF. a Typical reversible Js-T curve (R-39); b irreversible one (R-13). 0 T and vacuumed to 10–3 Pa curve with the single Curie point at Tc = 550 °C appeared in the second-run cycle, the Tc = 350 °C is unstable phase as estimating of phase transition from maghemite (γ -phase; weathering product) to hematite (α -phase). Since the Js value of α -phase is 1/ 250 versus β -phase (magnetite), the magnetization in Js-T curve decreased after heating.

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Antarctica: Contributions to Global Earth Sciences by Dieter K. Fütterer, Detlef Damaske, Georg Kleinschmidt, Hubert Miller, Franz Tessensohn

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