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Download e-book for iPad: Animal behavior : new research by Emilie A Weber; Lara H Krause

By Emilie A Weber; Lara H Krause

ISBN-10: 1611229499

ISBN-13: 9781611229493

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Charlton ‗preferred‘ territories, any findings are probably confounded by choice for male phenotype. g. females congregating together to reduce predation risk or harassment (Clutton-Brock and McComb 1993). Iberian red deer males (Cervus elaphus hispanicus) compete for and defend territories that females are subsequently attracted too (Carranza 1995). Although male phenotype would still appear to be important for attracting females, as some males maintained higher attraction rates than others on the same territories, male reproductive success in this species seems to be largely dependant on the quality and/or position of territory held.

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Animal behavior : new research by Emilie A Weber; Lara H Krause

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