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Download e-book for kindle: Ancient Earthquakes by Manuel Sintubin, Iain S. Stewart, Tina M. Niemi, Erhan

By Manuel Sintubin, Iain S. Stewart, Tina M. Niemi, Erhan Altunel

ISBN-10: 0813724716

ISBN-13: 9780813724713

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McFadgen (2007), for example, showed ties between tectonism and cultural change based on precontact archaeology for the New Zealand Maori. CONCLUSIONS The dynamics of long-term change in cultures subject to active tectonism are ambiguous, but, in contrast, the eventual result seems fairly clear in the area treated in this volume— those cultures that, in addition to having a range of environmental advantages, were subjected to particular varieties of tectonic activity tended to become exceedingly complex (“great ancient civilizations” and some particularly precocious Neolithic precursors).

Was first proposed by archaeologists who reported the discovery of crushed skeletons amid dateable coins found among its rubble. An abrupt natural death to the city was challenged by others who noted that the absence of wood or valuables was consistent with the city being sacked and systematically looted. The recent discovery of four decorated door knockers beneath the collapsed walls of one of the largest structures in Mansurah, however, reopens the case for an earthquake, since an invading army would almost certainly have removed them as booty.

3. The region treated in this volume is blessed with ancient historical records in addition to archaeoseismologic evidence. However, the relation probably precedes the historic period; the relation behaves as if certain Neolithic cultures were somehow favored by tectonic factors to become civilizations with histories. The archaeoseismologist is a necessary source of relevant information on the ways in which tectonism influenced Neolithic cultures. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Force thanks all those who responded to his former website.

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Ancient Earthquakes by Manuel Sintubin, Iain S. Stewart, Tina M. Niemi, Erhan Altunel

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