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Get Advances in optical and electron microscopy PDF

By Tom Mulvey, Charles J.R. Sheppard

ISBN-10: 0120299127

ISBN-13: 9780120299126

The volumes during this sequence hide the development and innovation in optical and electron microscopy at a primary point. it truly is geared toward microscopists and researchers not just drawn to microscope instrumentation but in addition in functions starting from organic strategies to fabrics learn and commercial inspection

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The interference pattern is recorded as a hologram at a fairly high magnification in the final image plane. ELECTRON IMAGE PLANE OFF-AXIS HOLOGRAPHY 35 in the back focal plane; the positive and negative signs hold for the image and reference waves, respectively. The first term of the phase factor describes the tilt of the respective wave, and the second its shift Δ by the half-width Δ/2 of the interference field in the image plane perpendicular to the biprism filament; Q is the direction of illumination in the object plane with respect to the objective axis, Q = 0 corresponding to axial illumination.

Figure 8 shows the zero beam surrounded by the autocorrelation and, on either side, the two sidebands representing the Fourier spectrum of the reconstructed image wave. Screening off" everything but one sideband, a light optical copy of the electron image wave is found in the image plane of the hologram. On the optical bench we are therefore working wave optically in a virtual electron microscope. At first glance, there seems no advantage to be gained by the highly complicated method of holography, compared with ordinary electron microscopical imaging.

Fortunately, this ELECTRON IMAGE PLANE OFF-AXIS HOLOGRAPHY 41 FIG. 10 Numerically reconstructed image wave from an MgO crystal. The hologram was scanned by a densitometer camera and the digitized data of optical density were fed into the computer. All reconstruction steps were performed numerically; amplitude and phase can be displayed on a monitor or evaluated numerically. Example reconstructed by Franke (1986). A: Reconstructed area of the MgO hologram. B: Only the framed part of the calculated Fourier spectrum was used for reconstruction.

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