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New PDF release: Aberration-corrected Analytical Electron Microscopy

By Rik Brydson

ISBN-10: 0470518510

ISBN-13: 9780470518519

The e-book is worried with the speculation, history, and sensible use of transmission electron microscopes with lens correctors which may right the results of round aberration. The publication additionally covers a comparability with aberration correction within the TEM and functions of analytical aberration corrected STEM in fabrics technology and biology. This publication is key for microscopists eager about nanoscale and fabrics microanalysis specifically these utilizing scanning transmission electron microscopy, and comparable analytical innovations akin to electron diffraction x-ray spectrometry (EDXS) and electron power loss spectroscopy (EELS).

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2001). Hence for both of these effects the resolution will degrade as α becomes larger. 2) using the Rayleigh criterion, suggests that the resolution improves as α increases. Hence if there is a combination of both diffraction and spherical aberration effects limiting the resolution, there must be an optimum figure for resolution as α changes. 7) 30 ABERRATION-CORRECTED ANALYTICAL TEM which is often quoted as a simple guide to microscope resolution. A more complete treatment of all these features is given in Chapters 4 and 6.

Hence this is a very convenient way of obtaining crystallographic information about a sample in addition to images. If the condenser system, or the pre-field of the objective lens is used to converge the primary beam onto a small region of the sample, then a series of discs are formed in the back focal plane of the objective lens instead of the spots obtained with more parallel illumination. This is the so-called convergent beam pattern, which may be used to obtain extra crystallographic information and symmetry information about a sample (Williams and Carter, 2009).

To be applied, it requires little or no a priori understanding of the nature of the specimen and typically needs no input parameters. There is increasingly an ethical issue associated with publishing both analytical and image data from EMs. Although it takes more space (on paper or on-line) we would recommend that the raw data is always published, as well as any processed version of it which might be easier to interpret. Any publication should also make precisely clear what processing has been applied to any image or spectrum.

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