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Get A Watched Pot: How We Experience Time PDF

By Michael G. Flaherty

ISBN-10: 0814726879

ISBN-13: 9780814726877

Time, it's been stated, is the enemy. In an period of harried lives, time turns out more and more worthy as hours and days telescope and our lives usually appear to be flitting earlier. And but, at different instances, the mins drag on, each one tick of the clock excruciatingly drawn out. What explains this seeming paradox? established upon a whole decade's empirical learn, Michael G. Flaherty's new e-book bargains outstanding insights in this so much common human event. Flaherty surveys 1000's of people of every age in an try to determine how such phenomena as pain, violence, possibility, boredom, excitement, focus, surprise, and novelty impression our conception of time. Their tales make for fascinating studying, by means of turns commonplace and unique, mundane and dramatic, terrible and humorous. A qualitative and quantitative journey de strength, A Watched Pot provides what may be the 1st totally built-in idea of time and should be of curiosity to scientists, humanists, social scientists and the trained public alike. a decision extraordinary educational e-book.

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In chapter 6, I address the theoretical implications of this study and consider directions for future research. In the Methodological Appendix, I discuss the principles that guided the collection and analysis of my data. [2] Paradoxical Variation H OW DO WE experience variation in the perceived pas- sage of time? Logic dictates that we address this question before we ask why it is perceived in that fashion. ”1 This is sensible advice, but, as we have seen, it did not always guide the work of earlier scholars.

Put differently, situa­ tions with abnormally high levels of overt activity seem to result in people perceiving the rate at which time passes in two diametrically opposed ways. Why is it that the duration of a busy interval is sometimes perceived as longer, and at other times shorter, than its actual length (as measured by a clock or calendar)? Once again, common-sense knowledge does not rescue us from our dilemma. The folk theory tells us that busy time passes quickly, and, coupled with our own experiences, the familiarity of this aphorism may make it seem indisputable.

They were checking me out and judging me. I was taller than all of the women and quite a few of the men. I was also the only blond. No one said a word, so neither did I. I stood in the doorway waiting for someone to tell me what to do, but no one did. At this point I was feeling very embarrassed and vulnerable. I was wishing I had never shown up. I felt as though I had been standing there for hours. I had no one there to talk to. Time passed very slowly so it seemed, but in reality, it had only been two minutes.

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